In the earlier stages of Enjoy Your Party. We were a true family business. Meaning that as a family unit we ate, slept, and breathed special events. So much so, a typical Sunday morning at the Morlando house often involved discussing everything that happened at the job we worked the day before. Often Pat, Rosanna, Maria, and Joe would be managing different events. So, the routine pow-wow was both a business meeting and a family bonding experience.  They would sit around the breakfast table and talk about every aspect of the event. From start to finish; everything that went right to everything that went wrong. Even the funny stories of work mishaps, unruly guests, or party crashers. (hey, every party has one!)

At that time, we were doing a great job of providing just staff for events. Often being contracted by a caterer or event planner and not the customer themselves, especially for large special events. So often we would find ourselves working along side an “Event Planner” who may have been good at the pomp and circumstance of a party. But would often fall short in knowledge of how to operate and execute a full dinner service. Whether that be for a wedding, fundraiser, corporate function or just a simple birthday party. At the end of every weekend re-cap the Morlando family would always draw the same conclusion. The first conclusion- Thank God Enjoy Your Party was there to save the day.                                    Second- They could provide such a better service to their clients if they were with them from the beginning of the planning process.

In 2019 Pat had decided it was finally time to put what they had always been talking about to work. He sat down with the office team and mapped out what that would entail. The consensus was clear. To better service our customers. Enjoy your Party must become a one stop shop for party needs and essentials. Who better to plan your floor plan, catering menu, decorations, rental needs and more, than the company that is providing the manpower to make your event a success? By starting the planning journey with the clients at the very beginning we can more accurately guide them on all aspects of an event. In a way that other coordinators cannot. Simply because of our breadth of experience and resources available. As the popular phrase goes, “We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

So, flash forward a few years of development and a whole pandemic later. We finally found the right person for the job. Internet, meet Carol Ann. Our newest addition to the office team and Enjoy Your Party’s very own Event Sales Coordinator. Carol Ann worked for us a few years ago, part-time as a server. She then moved on from that role to work full time for Princeton University. Where she coordinated fundraisers and alumni events for their various charities. In those years that followed. Carol Ann gained so much experience organizing events across campus. Working with a large range of budgets to accommodate all sorts of clients. Often, Carol Ann would be at the events herself and it wasn’t uncommon for her to run into Enjoy Your Party staff who were working the functions as well.

When she saw the job posting for an Event Coordinator. Carol Ann seized the opportunity and was hands down the best candidate to apply. We were not only so happy to have her back, but impressed by the skill set she developed while at the university. Although new in the office for only a few weeks, it feels like she has been a part of the group for quite some time. So far surviving an earthquake and experiencing an eclipse with us. She too is a force of nature when it comes to organizing event packages that just about guarantee our clients a cost-effective and successful party!

If you are thinking about planning a party. We do encourage you to give us a call. As a one stop shop for our customers. Let us plan your catering menu, organize your rental packages, and of course provide experienced service staff including but limited too, servers, bartenders, and private chefs. Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way. There is no event too small or too large. Seriously. We do them all. Just ask to speak with Carol Ann and be ready to sit back and enjoy your party! (Cheesy but true 😊)

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