Is your company fully insured?

Enjoy Your Party Inc. is completely insured with General Liability, Liquor Liability and Workman’s Compensations. Enjoy Your Party Inc is also registered with the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs as a Certified Temporary Employment Agency

Tell me more about your Staff:

Before our staff is sent on any assignment the following takes place:

A full application is completed, and all employees are entered into our payroll system. (all employees are W-2      Employees not 1099)

A full background check to include Federal State and Local Verifications as well as each employee is E-Verified.

Full Orientation/ Training with review of our employee handbook regarding our rules and regulations

Using our buddy system, we match a new employee with a current employee at events so they can work closely with them and provide on-the-spot updated training if needed. You will certainly know in advance who the new person is. In many cases they are an extra that we provided, and their hours are unbilled.

How do I pay for the staff I hire?

Enjoy Your Party understands the intensity of hosting an event, so we have removed the stress of settling the bill that day. At the time you hire staff, Our Scheduling Coordinator will select the proper staff that matches your required duties, forward you a sign in sheet with the staff member names and assigned position. After your event please return the completed sign-in sheet and within the next few days days following we will verify the hours each staff member worked and submit an invoice for payment.

Does the staff I hire do more than what is expected of them?

Our Staff is Cross trained in many areas and will go above and beyond your expectations. In addition to their immediate responsibilities, they can also Prepare Foods, Finish Platters and cook on your Grill, if need be. Many of our servers are also certified bartenders! If the opportunity arises during an event they will certainly jump in and help as needed. Although this is not a common occurrence during and event but if you are anticipating needing our staff to help and support your team please let us know in advance so we can make sure we schedule the right staff

What happens if the staff does not show up or is late?

If you are committed to using EYP and we have committed to serving you. Unfortunately things do happen, and if the staff does not arrive as scheduled, Call our office immediately and our on-call scheduling coordinators will make sure you have the staff you need to ensure the success of your event. With over 200 employees on staff, we can replace any employee in the event of an emergency. Our phones are answered 24/7 by an Enjoy Your Party Employee and not by an answering service or an answering machine


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