When we say at Enjoy You Party that we staff any event. We mean any event. So, when the time came this weekend to put together a repass. We answered the call without hesitation. This event was in honor of the late mother of one of our most valued employees. Who passed just shy of 98 years old. While we never had the opportunity to meet her, we’ve worked so closely with part of the wonderful family she created. They are a remarkable group of people. For that, we are truly thankful.

Some prefer the term celebration of life over repass or memorial. In this case that may be a more accurate title. On Saturday, our staff members braved the cold, rainy day to make sure the family we were working with had peace of mind, was able to focus on their loved ones and be present during such a sensitive moment. Now typical repasses are not known to be “big events” or require a huge degree of event management or coordination. This was mostly the case in this situation as well. However, when a loved one passes at almost 100 years old. The son of whom is just as passionate and skilled in the food service and event industry as us, then those creative juices can’t help but flow.

The plan was simple. Put together a menu that honors the favorite foods of the loved one lost, create a comfortable and welcoming environment, and ensure the guests receive 5-star service in their own home. With an extra twist, make sure to have adequate and tasty gluten free options for selected guests as well. Our staff arrived, and the work began. We entered the home and transformed it into the ideal atmosphere. The buffet was set, a deli station was put in place. Where our staff assembled artisanal sandwiches fresh for guests as they came in. We even provided them with a hot dog cart. Serving the American classic as an ode to the departed loved one’s favorite summertime meal.  

More so, our bartender crafted cocktails using ingredients provided by our full bar mixer package and our service staff not only maintained the buffet but kept the home clean and clear. What was still a very hard day, our staff strived to make it even just a little bit easier for our clients. Ultimately, our mission was accomplished.

Every gathering may not be a party exactly. Families and friends get together to show their support and love for one another in times of need, small or large. Yet, even in those cases. Enjoy Your Party is ready to stand with you as well. Our staff along with our event coordinating team were able to help orchestrate a tasteful post service luncheon. The family was able to spend more time together and it went as smoothly as possible. It was a true honor to be a part of it.

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