On Saturday March 16th, the newest Shop Rite in New Jersey celebrated their grand opening in Old Bridge. Shop Rite Super Markets are a New Jersey staple. Enjoy Your Party has had the honor of being their staffing service of choice for more than twenty years. We have worked together on events such as the LPGA golf tournament, fund raiser events, Bar mitzvahs/ religious ceremonies and more!  Sun Rise Kitchens, their affiliated catering department, is operated by a remarkable group of people. Their commitment to their culinary craft may seem unsuspecting from a supermarket chain. However, they are truly one of the most revered catering partners we work with. Providing catering services to small budget and large-scale events alike. So, when they contacted us to staff the grand opening party we rose to the occasion.

It was a full day in a brand-new facility. Which means not only was it the first time for our service staff. It was also the first time on site for many on the Shop Rite catering team as well. Much like how there is only one chance to perform perfectly in a live show. The same is true for catered events and banquet staff. With all eyes on us, 15 members of our team arrived ready to work. Our bartenders set up their stations making displays on their bars, ensuring both aesthetic and function. Carving stations were dressed as well. Beautiful pieces of meat served hot and sliced to perfection in front of guests. Our staff also took the time to set up a buffet and dining tables. An easy task for our experienced crew of servers, bartenders, and culinarians. The trick here being that they also had to put together a functional event space within the confines of a supermarket layout. With our help, a truly immersive experience was made.


Respected and honored guests for this grand opening were treated to delicious food and exceptional service. Shop Rite was able to showcase their new store. While our staff gave them the support, they needed to make sure their event was a success. Enjoy Your Party also took it a step further. Pat Morlando, our company’s CEO, also arrived at the event site that day. Meeting with our clients to give them the assurance they need. While also serving as an important check for our staff. Pat made sure that everyone was on time to work, that their uniforms were pristine, and everyone stayed on task. Having a familiar face on big event days is such an important element to success. It shows both the client and our team that we care. No event is too small or too unimportant for outstanding service. Which is something that is ingrained in the ethos of Enjoy Your Party.

At the end of the day, Shop Rites grand opening celebration was a huge success. We are so grateful for the outstanding business partnership we have with them and thankful to our team and theirs for working together so seamlessly. With this event down, we look forward to the many more to come!

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