From the tent to the table setting, rental items can get costly. With our talented watchful team will analyze your rental needs, work with our rental partners to find you the best prices and ensure you do not rent unnecessary items while making sure you have all you need for a successful event.

  • You provide final approval on all aspects of rentals.
  • We place your order with verification of your selected choices and provide the deposits and final payments.
  • We handle final counts and last-minute revisions.



With an Avg wedding guest count at 180.
The example below shows how we are looking out for you:

  • 18 tables with 2 water Pitchers per table...
  • Stainless water pitcher. rental Price $12.75 X 36 = $459.00
  • Glass water pitcher. rental Price $4.95 X 36 = $178.20
  • Savings $280.80

With this simple example and a 40% savings is where our talented team along with our vast Supplier List works tirelessly saving you money.

"Anyone can spend someone else's money, but a true partner will spend your money like their own" - D. P.