For over 15 years, Enjoy Your Party Inc. has been so proud to serve the Princeton University Alumni Day Luncheon. Located on Princeton’s beautiful campus at the Jadwin Gymnasium. This 7,000-seat functioning indoor arena gets transformed into a banquet hall for over 800 guests in what seems like an instant. It is a tall order made easy. Princeton and EYP staff work in tandem to bring this event to life. Tables, chairs, and linen all get placed. Followed by dining ware and then of course the good stuff. From the back of the house forward. Our staff are working side by side with Princeton University’s own executive Chef Luz. Prepping, plating, and serving 800 3-course meals. Sounds easy? Now be amazed when we tell you the whole process happens in under 5 hours.
Set up, service, and breakdown all in one swoop. Rest assured our staff are proven pros. Efficiency is the name of the game and we take it very seriously. Many of our team members have been with us for multiple years. One of our longest running employees was on site this day and has been a part of the Enjoy Your Party family since 1996! So, when we say we don’t just send anybody we mean it. Our staff are experienced and most importantly know what it means to work as a team. Who’s serving coffee? Who is clearing plates? Who is refilling water glasses? Common questions like that can quickly turn into chaos. Especially when you have guest count that is close to 1,000 people. Yet, if you had the opportunity to watch us perform you would never know there were issues… and there weren’t! Our staff knows how to communicate and that makes all the difference!
It would be wrong to also not honorably mention the amazing management team at Princeton University. Our Corporate partners such as them know the ins and outs of the food service industry. We gladly follow their lead to make sure their event, no matter how big or small, is an absolute success. The food service industry is choc’ full of personalities with people from every walk of life and background. We pride ourselves on that diversity and it is apparent in the team of servers, bartenders, and culinary staff we provide. We come together, assess the task at hand and put in the work. In the end, are we tired? Probably- most definitely. But our clients and their guests are happy and that is what makes all the difference.
Not bad for a temporary staffing service… Not bad at all.

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