Rosanna Morlando


Rosanna Morlando established Enjoy Your Party in 1996 as a small business. Over the past 25+ years she has worked endlessly to grow and develop the company into the success it is today. Her Long-Island Charm and over the top personality has made her a staple in the industry. In many cases her reputation as the industries best, truly precedes her. To say Rosanna is an inspiration is an understatement. She has led by example since the beginning and everything we do today we do it with her in mind. Our staff go to her to discuss not only work-related topics. But often for the tough-love life advice only an Italian American mother can give. She is the true Matriarch of her business and family. To learn more about Rosanna and her unique work ethic, please visit the "Our Story" tab.

Patrick Morlando

President & CEO

Pat is the office godfather. If there could ever be one. He helped and supported Rosanna from the very beginning. When the time came for him to make the jump out of Corporate America and into Enjoy Your Party full time. He did not hesitate. Pat brings his calm demeanor and traditional business sense to an otherwise fast changing and sometimes hectic industry. This has proven to be a necessity as he serves not only as CEO but mentor to his two children and all other employees alike. Pat is constantly looking for creative ways to drive the business forward. Despite how many times Joe mentions it, he is NOT interested in retiring or slowing down any time soon!

Maria Morlando

Event Coordinator, Workforce Development Manager.

Maria manages our day to day office operations and the Event Coordination and Management division. She will help you coordinate your entire event down to the napkin color and be on site the day of to make sure everything runs according to plan. When she is not planning the event, she is training the staff on how to work them! With a degree in Education, Maria Morlando keeps our staff on track with a comprehensive training program she wrote and developed to ensure EYP staff are knowledgeable and well trained on their work assignments. In addition to in class training, she also frequently visits job sites to fine tune the employee skills. Be sure to look for her at the next event!

Giuseppe (Joe) Morlando

Corporate Manager, Staff Administrator

Although his resume lists October 1995 (His Birthday) as his official start date. Joe began working events around the age of 13. Helping to wash dishes and do side work while his parents and older sister often ran the show. In May of 2017, Joe earned his degree in Business Administration from Montclair State University. His graduation ceremony was on a Friday. He worked an event on Saturday and reported for duty in office on Monday morning. From there he started managing the schedule. Pairing our employees with jobs that fit their expertise on events across the state. Joe has spent the last 6 years working to modernize the business while maintaining that close eye and relationship focused management style he learned from his parents.

Julie Generoso

Account and Payroll Manager

Julie joined our team in August of 2022. Processing invoices and payroll on a weekly basis. She stays on top of everything. Julie is only a phone call away and communicates often with our staff and customers regularly. Being the niece of Rosanna and the daughter of a professional Chef/Baker and business owner. Julie grew up in and around the industry herself. Given her own background and experience she was the right addition to our team, and we are so proud to have her working with us. - We're a family business after all!

Kate Diquollo

Scheduling Coordinator

Kate began working with us in October of 2022. What started as an assistant position, helping Joe expedite staff schedules. She quickly transformed it into a lead role of her own. Our clients put their trust in her to make sure they are matched with the right staff for the job. A responsibility she does not shy away from. Kate works closely with our staff. Many of which have been with us for decades. She has developed such strong relationships with them and has exceeded all expectations in such a short amount of time. We can't wait to see what comes next!