It all started with Rosanna. Who Grew up in a strict Italian household, by honest and hardworking immigrants. Starting at age 12, Rosanna picked up any job she could find. Gaining work experience and learning trade secrets in bridal salons, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, and with caterers. Rosanna learned at a young age how important it is to take pride in her work, regardless of what that work was. She didn't know it then, but this mindset would become the foundation of everything Rosanna does, including Enjoy Your Party.
Then came the 90's! As a full-time working mother of two, Rosanna decided she needed a change of pace. In order to spend more time at home with her children, she quit her full-time job at a car dealership and started working on the weekend for caterers. But Rosanna is different than most. She would not simply work an event. Rather she would take initiative and run the entire thing! At every event she serviced, she would say to the host, "Please let me do the work for you so that you can Enjoy Your Party!"
After working catered events, Rosanna soon realized there was a demand for professional wait staff in the industry. This sparked a new business venture. In 1996, Rosanna set up an office in her home, hired 5 employees, most of which are still with EYP today, and trained them to work catered events in private homes and Banquet Halls. Thus, Enjoy Your Party, Inc was born! Rosanna's client list rapidly grew, and in 1998, Enjoy Your Party became incorporated with a focus on providing the best wait staff possible for events in Northern New Jersey.
As the business grew so did the Morlando family. Rosanna was soon joined in this endeavor by her husband Pat, who left his full-time job and used his own corporate experience to quickly expand the business. Bringing our commitment to professional service from private events to Corporate functions across the whole state of New Jersey. Pat was instrumental in establishing our relationship with National Food Service Groups such Aramark and Sodexo. He didn't stop there though, Pat then established Enjoy Your Party as a franchise which has so far brought Enjoy Your Party to Florida and Pennsylvania.
By 2017, the entire Morlando Family was fully on board the EYP train. Maria and Joe graduated college and went to work full time. Both taking on administrative roles in office and managing events in the field as well. To this day you will still find all 4 family members on event sites, using the hands-on approach and leading by example to make sure our staff are on track and our clients are happy!
While Rosanna has taken a well-deserved step back and enjoys much of her time in Sunny Florida. The Morlando Family, along with their 300+ employees, work every day to keep the dream going and to expand the business further. There is so much of this story still too write and we look forward to every chapter that comes next!